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Daily Groceries

We’re more than just a bakery. Chances are if you shop for European-style groceries, we have what you need!

– First, The Basics – 

Take a quick visual tour of the groceries you can pick up.
Choose from a wide variety of cheeses, deli meats, vegetables, oils, cookies, cereals, sweets and more!

– Specialty Cheeses –

Try anything from traditional cheeses like swiss, cheddar and mozzarella, to flavour-infused cheeses like jalapeno havarti!

– European Deli Meats –

Everything you need for the perfect sandwich…
Including hot & mild salamis (Italian & German), hams, turkey breast, prosciutto, mortadella, kolbasas, sausages, pates and more!

– Oils, Veggies, Pasta, Cereal & more –

Here are just some of our vegetable oils, canned and marinated vegetables, sauces, jams, Italian pastas, cereals, cookies and more.
If you have a special occasion soon (or just a sweet tooth), come in for our European chocolates & sweets, and check out our delicious cakes and pastries here!

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We're open 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week! Watch out for our specials on the electronic billboard out front!